a.Why is kidney transplant necessary?
Ans: kidney transplants are required when an illness leads to a kidney failure or when both the kidney stops functioning.

b.What is dialysis?
Ans: dialysis is a common treatment for people with kidney diseases. When both the kidneys fail to perform the removal of wastages from the body, a dialysis will help the patients to remove the waste products from the body and clean the blood. However dialysis does have side effects and may change the life style of a patient.

c.What is the risk of living kidney donation.
Ans: the risk of a kidney donor is less but however consultation with a transplant team is necessary to decide how the transplant surgery will affect the body. Also it is important to check if a body can adjust with the functioning of a single kidney.

d.How do I know I am eligible to donate a kidney?
Ans: to be an eligible kidney donor, it is important to check whether the person previously had any kidney problems. The person should also not be suffering from any medical complications. As kidney transplant is a major surgery, it may cause problems which the body may not be able to adjust therefore it is very important to take consultation from a transplant team before deciding to donate any organ.

e. Are there any age limits for an organ transplant?
Ans: generally there is no age limit for donating an organ. People do donate their functioning organ after their deaths. But along with the check of medical conditions of an organ, there might be age limitations to specific organs and processes. However it is wise to consult a transplant team before donating or receiving an organ.