Things you should be known before a kidney transplant:
A kidney transplant is the organ transplant of an organ to a patient with an end-stage renal disease.  Before you plan to take a kidney transplant, it is advisable that you be clear with the best knowledge of the surgery so that you do not stress with unwanted false information.

The saying that only family members can donate a kidney to the patient is completely false. Although they have an increased chance of matching the requirements of the kidney, even friends and strangers can donate your kidney. So do not hesitate to share with people if you need a kidney. Also, do not assume that getting a kidney is a one-step process. Even if you get a kidney donor who is ready to help you out, there are several procedures and tests which you should undertake to evaluate your fitness for the transplantation. Not only your body should be physically fit for the transplantation, you should also be mentally stable to accept the changes in your body. Every patient gets a transplant team where they look after all your benefits and consequences and risks due to the transplant. The surgeon will guide you in details about the operation and the situation. The most important thing of all, understand that a kidney transplant is a treatment and not an assured cure. It may reduce all your pain to the least or may be painful to you if the cells and tissues take time to adjust with the new organ in the body.